Friday, March 5, 2010

Sixty Point Someone

You are sure to think of 'Five Point Someone', a campus-based autobiographical novel written by Sri Chetan Bhagat by which the Bollywood movie '3 Idiots' is inspired or is said to be based on depending on one's own perception, when you read this title. Even if one doesn't have an opinion as to which side is correct in the controversy that raged a while ago when the movie was being promoted or when it was released, one will be aware of the existence of the same. Your guess is bang on and a good one, for when I read the novel, I felt it is the story of every student whether belonging to the prestigious IIT or IIM or any college in India. Only Bhagat wrote it whereas others didn't, for not everyone can be a storyteller.

Although I myself am not much of a storyteller, but I do have a story and I do want to tell it. However, I might not give all credit for inspiring and motivating me to do it to Bhagat because I read a similar kind of work in Kannada by Sri Aravinda Malagatti almost a decade ago. The question is what will be new in my story that impells me to undertake the writing of it and that might invite or attract people to read it. Every lover of any form of art will know that art is nothing but reproduction or reflection of life. So many people in so many languages have written the same stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata, yet newer interpretations, newer versions keep on appearing. What keeps people glued to the stories is not the basic framework, but the real characters in blood and sweat. Therefore, the stories sound original whenever a really creative artist tries to retell it. No experience of a single individual can be exactly the same as that of another person. And the difference in perception of the same experience, the reactions to them, the results thereof, and the pleasure or pain, relief of the burden of carrying it, all create an altogether a new image, a new experience and a new story to be told. My story too waits to be told... Expect it’s beginning in the next blog.

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